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Bros. Built - CUSTOM BATHROOM RENOVATIONS FOR The Sutherland Shire, The Illawarra and Shoalhaven Heads areas

We understand bathroom renovations can disrupt your living space and routine. Which is why we give you the smoothest experience possible.

Let's change the way you live in your home, for the better.

While your bathroom isn’t the biggest room in your house, it holds huge significance in your daily routines. Busy mornings and evenings revolve around this space, where you get ready to start and finish the day. With our expert bathroom renovations, we build you a bathroom that’s stylish but also caters to your practical needs, offering smart storage solutions, efficient layouts, and durable materials.

Bros. Built bathroom renovations: where quality craftsmanship, reliability and integrity meet.

It is possible to have a bathroom where you refresh, rejuvenate and unwind that ticks the boxes for quality, practicality and functionality.

Whether you want to update your existing space to make it more comfortable, are renovating for functionality or know it’s just time for a change, Bros. Built would love to hear from you.

With quality craftsmanship and practical designs, our trustworthy team will work with you and your ideas. We take the pressure off you by planning and delivering your bathroom renovation project from beginning to end.

Why partner with us for your custom bathroom renovation?

Here's why you should choose Bros. Built:

Owner operated

Opting for Bros. Built means you value the personal attention and care owner-operated businesses can provide. We promise quality craftsmanship and a seamless journey from initial consultation to project completion

Reliable Delivery

We never overcommit, ensuring we deliver on our promises every time.

You get a work schedule so you know exactly what to expect each day

Enjoy peace of mind from the start with a  comprehensive proposal, detailed quote, relevant certifications, insurance documentation, and a clear work schedule. 


To make sure everything goes smoothly, we’ll let you know in advance if there’s anything you need to do like taking an early shower before we turn off the water, or moving your car to ensure truck access. You’ll always be in the loop.

We believe communication is key

You’ll always be updated and heard because communication goes both ways.


We offer high-quality materials, years of experience and skilled craftmanship. It’s not just about being cost-effective; it’s about adding real value to your home and life for years to come.

About Us

You're more than just a number with Bros. Built

Meet Hugh and Dean, our highly skilled licensed builders. The team not only delivers your perfectly designed, high quality bathroom, but adds exceptional organisation and clear communication to your bathroom renovation. Their attention to detail is second to none –  traits you might not expect from your typical building crew, but that’s exactly what sets us apart.

Here's what they said

"Their approach to project management is very professional and I was told in advance what would happen each day and what to expect."

We had a fantastic experience with Bros. Built. Their approach to project management is very professional and I was told in advance what would happen each day and what to expect. I felt completely prepared for the reno.  Everything played out generally as planned and when unexpected problems arose, as they do, they were swiftly fixed with no stress.

Jessica Hutchinson - bathroom renovation REVIEW

If you’re interested in a bathroom renovation in the Sutherland Shire, The Illawarra or Shoal Haven areas, here’s how we’ll make it happen:

We’ll talk through your project requirements and see if we’re a fit.

We visit your property to quote, get more detail from you and give you the rundown on the process and investment. 

Lock in your bathroom renovation date with a deposit. Usually a deposit is taken one week prior to work commencing.

Your project planning will commence. You’ll be given guidance for timeline, finishes, what you need to buy and when, and measurements. You won’t ever be wondering if you have to move your car, turn the power off – you’ll always be kept in the loop and know exactly what to do and when.

Today’s the day! We get started building your dream bathroom in line with the details we talked about.

Welcome to your remodelled bathroom! The end result is all yours to enjoy. 

Wondering ‘how much does bathroom renovation cost?’. To get the ball rolling, it’s as easy as giving us a call.

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